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Find Your Bay Area Dream

Santa Clara and San Mateo counties have a lot to offer home buyers. Both are in the Bay area which includes the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. Along with shopping, restaurants, and plenty of outdoor activities, the Bay area is also the home of Silicon Valley.

As an economic center for technology, Santa Clara County is an affluent area that boasts employment opportunities. San Mateo county is home to the stunning Santa Cruz Mountains and several corporations are headquartered in the area.

Live the Dream in Santa Clara County

Home to the San Francisco 49ers, Mercado Plaza, and the Winchester Mystery House, residents in Santa Clara county have plenty of activities to keep them occupied. It’s also the 6th most populous county in California and boasts a low unemployment rate, along with an excellent education system across all grade levels.

New residents to the area won’t have any problems finding the home of the dreams, especially with the guidance of an experienced real estate agent. Prospective buyers can find new builds and older model homes at all price points. Move into a quaint bungalow with two bedrooms and baths with a stunning view of the mountains from the back porch. For those that want to live closer to work or the nightlife, a home in Silicon Valley might be a perfect choice.

For those that want to get away from the busy cities, the historically agricultural community of Gilroy is an ideal choice. While the area is experiencing growth as Silicon Valley creeps closer, it is still a quiet and idyllic community. Residents can enjoy the award-winning golf courses and parks, along with The Outlets which brings shoppers in from across the Bay area.

Live Your Best Life in San Mateo County

Even though Silicon Valley has crept into San Mateo county, it is still home to spectacular parks like the Japanese Gardens and Coyote Point Recreation Area. Museums, shopping, and the Oakland Raiders NFL football team ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

While the county does share several similarities with neighboring Santa Clara county, it also has it’s own identity. Surfers enjoy Mavericks Beach, and it’s also a great place to fish, from the pier or off the back of a boat. The historic Pigeon Point Lighthouse is another attraction, and the quaint hostel is a great place to stay while you’re searching for your dream home.

If a strong education system combined with active citizen involvement is what you’re looking for in a neighborhood, Mountain View boasts this and more. Home prices range from modest to high-end with all of the amenities included. Whether you’re looking for a small two-bedroom starter home or something larger that comes with an entertainment room and laser projector, your real estate agent can help you find it in Mountain View.

If you want to live closer to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the town of Palo Alto is a good option. Located in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, the city boasts tree-lined streets, historic buildings, and cutting-edge technology. The homes in the area also reflect the rich history of the state. Whether you’re looking for something modern and contemporary or prefer a home with a Spanish influenced design, you’ll find it and more in Palo Alto.

Find Your Northern California Dream Home

Northern California is a beautiful place to live, whether it’s in San Mateo or Santa Clara county. You’ll enjoy shopping, dining, museums, sports, and spectacular views, even if you decide to call the bustling city of San Jose home.

Whether you want to sell your house or find your dream home, working with an experienced realtor will ensure the process is quick and easy.

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